Diversification of the portfolio brings the certainty of appreciation and, thanks to the unique know-how, the potential of above-standard returns. We invest in private equity projects, publicly traded stocks and financial market instruments.
Trading of the fund’s shares on the Prague Stock Exchange brings a number of benefits to the fund’s shareholders, including exemption from personal income tax when transferring shares: in the Czech Republic after 3 years from the acquisition of shares, in the Slovak Republic after 1 year.
Investments in private equity assets represent the stable growth potential of the fund. We focus primarily on the food industry, real estate sector and energy.
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profits in the market

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average appreciation

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assets value in EUR

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yields since inception

Development of equity

The graph represents the development over the last period in millions of EUR


Fund´s assets:nearly 40 million EUR
Targeted return:6-18 % per year
Average annual return:8,6% (for the past 3 years, including the dividend paid)
Public tradability: Prague Stock Exchange
Main investments:private equity, pub. traded companies, tools of
Investment horizon:minimum 5 years
Minimal investment:from 125.000 EUR
Dividends:in 2019, dividends of 35% of profit were approved
Tax allowances: exemption from personal income tax on the transfer of shares
Entry fees:none
Total cost ratio (TER):up to 2% per year

About emission

ISIN: CZ0008042900
Reference price:151 000 CZK
Trading launched on:August 1, 2019
Type of securities:shares
Form of securities:registered shares
Form of possessing:book-entry shares
Nominal value of shares:100 000 CZK
Market:Prague Stock Exchange
Segment:funds of qualified investors
Issuance volume:608 400 000 CZK
Number of shares issued:6084 pcs
Issuance transferability:freely transferable

We are under the supervision of leading institutions

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Our portfolio is diversified so that it always brings the certainty of investment return and, thanks to its unique know-how, the potential for above-standard returns.