I have been doing business and investing in Central and Eastern european region and the US markets for more than 20 years. We apply our knowledge of the investment environment to create and control strategy of the fund. We choose mix investment opportunities that have been increasing the value of our clients' finances for 11 years. We have a unique know-how that brings attractive appreciation. I believe that our successful results will convince you of this.

Investment stories
Pavol Krúpa
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arca Capital CEE
Pavol Krúpa

Main pillars
of our strategy

We have created for our investors so called ''safe bet'' investing strategy. Investment in fixed-rate financial market instruments that pose minimal risk brings certainty of fund’s return. Stable growth potential also represent private equity assets of the fund. We have been achieving the above-standard yields by investing in exclusive opportunities in capital markets. We invest in the company shares which are undervalued for some reason but have the high return potential in the future. Thanks to our unique know-how we initiate improvements in the company to achieve its real value.

Mixed investment fund is focused on low- to medium-risk capital
Unique investment strategy with the goal of maximising profit for shareholders while maintaining the safest investments
Investment strategy is determined based on consistent detailed analysis
We continuously monitor and evaluate global opportunities and trends within individual sectors of the economy
Regional investment focused on the EU and US markets

Structure of
the portfolio

The investment strategy of the fund is set to generate stable yields for our investors despite of the market fluctuations. Investment mix of the fund brings yields at least in the amount exceeding inflation rate to our investors over the individual economic cycles. Portfolio Structure may be changed according to microeconomic and macroeconomic developments. Investing primarily in the private equity projects with stable growth potential, publicly traded companies with great return potential and other financial market instruments.

Private equity assets with a stable growth potencial

  • Across the sectors
  • Currently in portfolio: Ondrášovka Holding, a.s.
Investment into Ondrášovka Holding, a.s. is strategic investment in food industry. It is a very stable asset with a growth potential. Ondrášovka Holding, a.s. is a holding company that owns the oustanding stocks of the company ONDRÁŠOVKA a.s. (70%) and Karlovarská Korunní s.r.o. (100%) which has a significant position in the market with soft drinks, mineral waters and syrups. It is a well-known brand a well-know brand with 2. position in Czech Republic market in bottled mineral water business (roughly 24 % market share).
  • Korunní
  • Ondrášovka

Publicly traded companies
with great return potential

  • Investment opportunities in the European and US stock markets
  • Based on our know-how and excellent knowledge of the investment environment, we are able to evaluate undervalued stock titles
  • The market brings interesting opportunities with the potential for high appreciation in situations when stock titles are temporarily undervalued and stocks of quality businesses are sold at surprisingly low prices
  • Such situation may occur during bear market, recession or single negative event/panic selling which increases pressure to share price. This leads a lot of times to great opportunities
  • Our stock picking method is mainly driven by patience, prudence and foresight principles which usually select certain undervalued stocks. Based on our previous experience, we except certain action in these companies which has ability to increase the value of share price. These opportunities arise once in a few weeks or months
  • Greatly completed investment O2 – successfully finished investment in company shares with return of 33 % p.a.
  • Completed investment Unipetrol – successfully finished investment in company shares with return of 115 %
At Unipetrol, the completed investment in shares with an appreciation of the order of 115% p.a. At O2, we successfully completed an investment in the company shares with appreciation of the order of 33% p.a.

Financial market instruments

  • Provide regular financial income
  • Achieving a minimum income in the amount exceeding the inflation rate and the above-standard yields in the market
  • This represents a proportion of nearly 70% of the fund portfolio
  • Bonds, Receivables, Bills of exchange